Nikola Tesla : The Genius, His Legend, & His Inventions, DEWs, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, 3-6-9 Numerology – Matrix World Disclosure

Nikola Tesla | The Genius, His Legend, and His Inventions Video Topics: Wireless Energy, Earthquake Machine, Tunguska 1908 Explosion, Particle Beam Weapon(Death Ray), Dynamic Theory of Gravity, Magic Numbers 3, 6, and 9 Nikola Tesla was a genius forgotten in his time by the commercial pressures of other inventors like Thomas Edison. He was a true hero of science that sadly never came to the prominence he deserved. The good news is that, in recent years, his memory is being preserved. Great online campaigns like The Oatmeal’s incredible feat to help build a Tesla museum have helped this inventor to be recognized as one of the true geniuses of the beginning of the great electricity revolution

One of his greatest inventions that never saw the light of day because he could not find funding is the Wardenclyffe Tower or better known as the Tesla Tower. This genius believed that he was able to find a way to transmit energy through the air, just as today we are able to transmit data wirelessly, thanks to many towers around the world that serve as transmitters. Another of his experiments he would tell a few years later to a journalist. This time Tesla decided to experiment outside his laboratory and after locating a building under construction in the Wall Street neighbourhood, which was still a metal skeleton, he placed the oscillator on one of the beams and activated it. In a few minutes, the entire structure of ten floors of the building began to vibrate, frightening the workers and causing the police to make an appearance again. According to Tesla, the particle beam weapon, also known as “death ray” or “peace ray”, was a weapon that would be capable of being used against an entire ground infantry or for anti-aircraft purposes. This single weapon would be so powerful that it would be able to destroy anything that is in a radius of 300 to 400 kilometres. This would have proved to be particularly useful in preventing wars, as it would be able to put an end to it before it starts at all. Among the many theories that were developed to uncover what happened in TUNGUSKA in the year 1908, many blame what happened to Nikola Tesla. It all started when Tesla proclaims to everyone that he had a weapon popularly known as the death ray, able to send an electromagnetic ray across hundreds of kilometres and to destroy a great part of Earth, hinting that with this weapon, he could break the earth as if it were an apple.

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