Nikola Tesla Magic Numbers 3, 6, 9 and Wireless Energy – Matrix Disclosure

Other interesting relationships with the 9, as pertaining to 9 are as follow:

The day has 1,440 minutes, totalling 9.
The day has 86,400 seconds, which total 9.
The week has 10,080 minutes, which total 9.
The year has 525,600 minutes, which total 9.
Perhaps we should also mention the fact that pregnancy in humans usually lasts 9 months or 36 weeks.
The diameter of the Moon is 2,160 Miles (2+1+6+0=9)
The diameter of Earth is 7,920 Miles(7+9+2+0=18, 1+8=9)
The diameter of the Sun is 864,000 Miles(8+6+4=18, 1+8=9)
There are 360 degrees in a circle.
Half it 180 degrees (1+8=9), half it 90 degrees(9+0=9), half it 45(4+5=9), half it 22.5(2+2+5=9), half it to any lower level the result is always 9
There are 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year and 360 days in a year.
Sum of all digits excluding 9 is (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, 3+6=9)
Tesla walked three times repeatedly around a block before entering the building.
He cleaned his plates with eighteen napkins.
He lived in rooms whose numbers were divisible by three. Example Room no. 3327
Great Pyramid of Egypt has many results that revolve around 3.
The pyramid weight 6Million tons
Each of the four sides of the pyramid is 750feet long (7+5+0=12, 1+2=3)
Multiply the height of the pyramid with 43200 see what you will get. Find it on your own. I have my answer
Now do some math if you want to know this weird fact.

All over the internet, there are more people fascinated and digging for the secret behind these numbers. Yet, Tesla said all these over a hundred years ago. No wonder some people believe he is out of this world, literally. There are even reports that he could have been from Venus. But we wouldn’t know now, would we? We never really did give him much chance.

Wireless Energy

One of his greatest inventions that never saw the light of day because he could not find funding is the Wardenclyffe Tower or better known as the Tesla Tower. This genius believed that he was able to find a way to transmit energy through the air, just as today we are able to transmit data wirelessly, thanks to many towers around the world that serve as transmitters.
Renewable energies could have taken on a much more important role than they have today if the Tesla Towers would need a lot of energy to be able to distribute it. It would take large power stations to generate it, such as large hydroelectric power stations, but if the renewable power takes over, it could have been possible to create a truly clean and wireless electric charging system.

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