New Nazca Lines Found in Peru – Ancient Architects

Etched into the high desert of southern Peru more than a millennium ago, the enigmatic Nasca Lines continue to capture our imagination. But recently, using drone cameras, scientists have discovered new spectacular line drawings in Southern Peru – and they are much older than the famous lines of the Nasca province.

Until this recent discovery, we knew of more than a thousand of these line drawings, also known as geoglyphs or ground drawings, that sprawl across the sandy soil of the Nasca province – a little-understood practice that some believe was to encourage rainfall, whilst others think they may represent star constellations, although all the ideas remain speculative.

Now, Peruvian archaeologists have discovered more than 50 new examples of these mysterious desert monuments in the adjacent Palpa Province, traced onto the earth’s surface in lines almost too fine to see with the human eye. With the help of drones, archaeologists have mapped them in never-before-seen detail. Watch this video to find out more.

All images are taken from Google Image Search for educational purposes only.