New Discoveries at Tiwanaku & Puma Punku: The Lost Statue of Viracocha & Hidden Artifacts – Hugh Newman & Jj Ainsworth

Explore Tiwanaku, Puma Punku and ancient Peru in November 2018 with Hugh Newman & Jj Ainsworth. Details here:…. Ancient mysteries author Hugh Newman discovers a lost Viracocha statue near the Kantatalita Temple at Tiwanaku. Never before recorded, this amazing artifact may have been hidden for thousands of years. It is made of andesite and still partly buried in the ground, so there may be intricate carvings and symbols on its back yet to be researched. He also gets access to two hidden rooms at the on-site museum and photographs over 30 artifacts and statues never seen by the public. This is the first time these have ever been published.

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