NDE, Lifelong ET Encounters, Alien Technology – Alexis Brooks w/ Barry Littleton

We’ve heard many stories of individuals who’ve had ET encounters – some lifelong. But the account you are about to hear is quite the odyssey.

This is the story of ET contactee Barry Littleton. And his is not just about being abducted in the night and taken aboard craft only to be probed and studied, this is about HIS study of how non-human intelligence uses exotic crystalline technology (alien technology) to not only power the craft but quite possibly to power us!

Barry has had lifelong ET encounters in which he says he has been taken physically as opposed to being taken in the astral or dream state. He says while on craft, he actually saw several individuals he says were there in their astral form, that he knows in “real life.” But how much did they remember about their meeting on board an ET craft?

Inclusive of Barry’s ET encounters were large chunks of missing time and suffering from a condition he calls “temporal aphasia,” a feeling or sickness you get when trying to adjust to a drastic dimensional shift while being taken in the physical form.

His descriptions are explicit and his measure of recall is impressive, particularly since much of his recall came after he suffered two near-death experiences back in 2010 after a near fatal car accident.

There’s SO much depth to what Barry explains he’s experienced throughout his life, including meeting his FUTURE self. Wait until you hear this story!

After hearing his story if you hadn’t before, you will definitely question the true nature of reality!

**Be sure to keep your eyes on this video to see some of the illustrations Barry shared about the crystalline technology he both saw and interacted with on the ships.

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