“I see It (alien) blocking the plant and It’s solid. I see three protrusions on Its head.”

“John Smith,” retired USAF Crew Chief from Altus AFB, Oklahoma,
describing 1996 encounter in Altamonte Springs, FLA

Florida resident, “John Smith,” encountered this same type of being
sketched from the January 20, 1996, UFO crash with several other live
alien beings in Varginha, Brazil. Also in 1996, this type of being
shot a sparkling ball of light at Mr. Smith and he went unconscious
in his Altamonte Springs, Florida, bedroom.

Varginha, Brazil, is about 175 air miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

May 5, 2016 Deltona, Florida – Twenty years ago on January 20, 1996, at 3:30 PM in the afternoon, three young women were walking together across a vacant lot in Varginha, Brazil, when they saw a strange, humanoid crouched down with red glowing eyes. Its most remarkable feature was the top of the head. It appeared divided into three sections in which three long ridges rose above the head surface.

Varginha, Brazil, alien being seen by three young girls at 3:30 PM
in the afternoon on January 20, 1996. Alien being illustration by Thomas Feiner.

The two teenagers and 22-year-old were so frightened that they took off running without stopping for nearly a mile all the way home.

Varginha is a busy, active city of some 120,000 people and this very complicated case involved many eyewitness testimonies over several weeks. Residents kept reporting seeing these odd beings with the three long, raised ridges on top of their heads. At least one was allegedly shot dead by a Brazilian military or state police unit.

Varginha, Brazil, population 120,000, is built on rolling hills about
175 air miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro. The climate and hills make Varginha
one of the world’s major centers for coffee production.

After the UFO sensation in January 1996, the city constructed its downtown
water tower in the shape of a disc. Image by Oluap2512, Wikipedia.

Same Type of Varginha Being Described in Altamonte Springs, Florida, 1996

What no one knew is that a long way north from Varginha, Brazil, in the town of Altamonte Springs, Florida — also in 1996 — a retired U. S. Air Force crew chief encountered what he says was an alien being with a head that had three long raised ridges the same as the Varginha beings in the Southern Hemisphere that year.

He has asked me to keep his identity confidential and to simply call him “John Smith.” He served at Altus AFB, Oklahoma, in 1986 as a crew chief on the KC-135 tanker. His mechanical work on airplane engines would explain why in a later encounter with aliens, his top question would be: What is your method of propulsion?

But before he tells about his shocking encounter with the Varginha-type alien in his Florida bedroom, we’ll go back in time to 1989 to 1991, when he was in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to serve his military reserve requirements at Peterson Air Force Base. In November 1991 at around 1 AM, he saw his first, large, completely silent triangular aircraft moving very slowly in the night sky seeming to camouflage itself with pale bluish tinted lights like the surrounding stars. He thought it was very low to the ground at maybe only 250 feet altitude, skulking along as if not wanting to be observed. Its direction was going south towards Fort Carson Army Base.

Fort Carson is 7.4 miles south of Colorado Springs. Peterson AFB is 8.2 miles east of
Colorado Springs. NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain complex is 3 miles west of Fort Carson.
Academy Blvd. is between Fort Carson and Colorado Springs.

As the big, silent, triangular aircraft flew low over his house in Colorado Springs, he stood at a window in awe and could clearly see 3-dimensional structure of geometric shapes underneath.  He told me, “It was just completely out of this world.” He was even scared of what he was seeing and did not want to go outside to watch.

Illustration by “John Smith” of November 1991, silent triangular craft that he saw
flying about 250 feet above his Colorado Springs, Colorado, house
when he was in USAF Reserves for Peterson AFB after retiring from active
duty as USAF Crew Chief in Altus AFB, Oklahoma.

Not long after that, he and his family could not understand why electrical gadgets in their house would go on and off on their own. Soon, the family would see another triangular aircraft when they went Christmas shopping and were returning home on Academy Boulevard between Colorado Springs and Fort Carson.


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