Moon Anomalies Landings Kubrick, 9/11 Holograms, Directed Energy Weapons, MH17, MH370, SSP, Ben Rich – The Moore Show w/ John Lear

Published on Sep 30, 2018

Guest:Whitley John Lear

John Lear is a retired airline and for the past 25 years John has researched the subject of UFO’s and other related conspiracies.

He insists that the United States Apollo missions never went to the moon and that the moon is inhabited with a civilization of more than 500 million humans like us but considerably more advanced who did not come from earth. John’s research holds that our solar system has 40 planets not 9 and that all planets and their moons and satellites are inhabited by humans similar to us as well as Extra Terrestrials.

He further he states that mankind was conceived, engineered and built by ET’s who secretly control our lives and that mankind is only one strand of an infinite number of strands of life.


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