By Deborah Dupré

U.S. military contractors have admitted wireless mind control by implanting human brains with neural dust, to remotely “monitor” human neurological activity. Targeted Individuals in record numbers are becoming victims of secret human experimentation, mind control, gangstalking, remote neural monitoring. According to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contractors, their “testing” is solely for benevolent purposes, of course. All Americans, except Targeted Individuals, know that DARPA spends billions of U.S. citizens’ tax payer dollars for betterment of humanity — supposedly through weapons aimed to control all of humanity and target-kill remaining humans who oppose militarized removal of God-given free will.

Surprise. Your Brain’s Been Implanted with Neuro Dust

DARPA’s mission is to not only prevent technological surprise to the US, but also to create technological surprise for US enemies. In the war on terror, anyone who blows the whistle on corruption is an enemy of the state because the state is regulalrly conducting illegal acts.

A new Department of Defense article, Implantable “Neural Dust” Enables Precise Wireless Recording of Nerve Activity, explains mounting evidence that many self-identified innocent Targeted Individuals (TIs), including those at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, present regarding “remote torture”. DARPA’S new article backs the hypothesis that TIs are among the first wave of neuro dust brain implanted techno-tortured subjects in an experiment involving controlling their minds to change their behaviors. These non-consensual human experimentees try to convince the public of being remotely tortured to no avail. Many have taken their complaints to President Barack Obama through his Ethics Committee – to no avail. Instead, Obama has requested that more military research be conducted. The President’s FY2017 budget request for DARPA is $2.97 billion.

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Smart dust, the lay term for neural dust, is what DARPA researchers define as a “safe, millimeter-scale wireless device small enough to be implanted in individual nerves, capable of detecting electrical activity of nerves and muscles deep within the body, and that uses ultrasound for power coupling and communication.”

WATCH Touchless Torture. Target Humanity. Ch 2/9 NanoBot Smart Dust Computer Chips by (below)

That’s how neural dust is described for the public by a DARPA-funded research team led by the University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

Targeted Individuals’ view on neural dust is  vastly different. They say smart dust is part of a sinister mind-control and therefore behavior-control program aimed at people used for human experimentation for no-touch torture through genetic manipulation; covert drugging with LSD, PCP, and other hypnotic drugs; remote neural monitoring; gang/multi-stalking; electrocution; poisoning; harassment; unforced break-ins; thefts; vandalism; surveillance; taunting, bullying; sabotage of relationships at work, home, school, family, etc; and misdiagnosis as mental illness, schizophrenia, paranoia, and other mental illness.

“Neural dust represents a radical departure from the traditional approach of using radio waves for wireless communication with implanted devices,” said Doug Weber, the DARPA program manager for ElectRx. “The soft tissues of our body consist mostly of saltwater. Sound waves pass freely through these tissues and can be focused with pinpoint accuracy at nerve targets deep inside our body, while radio waves cannot. Indeed, this is why sonar is used to image objects in the ocean, while radar is used to detect objects in the air. By using ultrasound to communicate with the neural dust, the sensors can be made smaller and placed deeper inside the body, by needle injection [forced vaccinations] or other non-surgical approaches.”

Three facts to remember are:
1. Military weapon technology research is always first described as beneficial for humanity.
2. All weapons are first tested on humans before admitted.
3. Military technology admitted usually has been in existence and applied for decades.

Flashback: In the 1990s, researcher Kris Pister dreamed a wild future that involved sprinkling the Earth with countless tiny sensors, no larger than grains of rice — “smart dust” particles, he called them. The smart dust would monitor everything, acting like electronic nerve endings for the planet. Fitted with computing power, sensing equipment, wireless radios and long battery life, the smart dust would make observations and relay mountains of real-time data about people, cities and the natural environment.

Smart dust researchers say monitoring the world [spying on and controlling everything and everyone]  — however it’s realized — will benefit people and the environment. (Smart dust’ aims to monitor everything – Agriculture Defense Coalition)

Today: “New wireless sensors no bigger than dust could let thousands of people monitor and reclaim their health over time,” reports Inc. online.

Are You a Targeted Individual? Foolproof Research Criteria Secrets

The Department of Defense’s program ElectRx that is spearheading the neuro dust implant research says on its website, “Coupling improved physiological understanding with these disruptive technological capabilities could lay the foundation for future systems to manage many acute and chronic conditions through precise, real-time, closed-loop neuromodulation. If successful, this capability would reduce dependence on traditional drugs and create new treatments that could be tuned automatically and continuously to the needs of individuals without side effects.”

Some new treatments that Targeted Individuals get today and every day are nothing short of remote controlled torture. Most self-identified TIs blame remote controlled devices, implants for their abuse. They seek new ways to prove their abuse, not too easy when the program is yet another one of DARPA’s multi-billion dollar secret weapons testing programs for the Chief of Staff’s ultimate stated aim: Full Sprectrum Dominance.

MIT analysis of neural dust spells a reality far from benevolent, unless remote controlled humans is your cup of tea. In its article, How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain, still writing as though neural dust is futuristic rather than present, MIT says, “Intelligent dust particles embedded in the brain could form an entirely new form of brain-machine interface, say engineers.”



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Voice of Reason

I have been a victim of this since July of 2017. So much of what had been written about I have experienced- with many facts to support my story. I was targeted for speaking about the injustices taking place and for looking into my own past- spending multiple years as an infant being experiemented on in LA hospitals. This world is full of evil. We are in the throes of Revelation in my own experience and opinion.