One planet, one race, one nation

Some key vid points:

Vid Point: 8:50 Keshe has license from ‘World Health Authority’ for his medical devices, and with testimonies is pushing for acceptance of this new technological.
Vid Point: 10:35 unraveling the bad work of Monsanto.
Vid Point: 12:56 Wireless electricity.
Vid Point: 13:12 Has pens for sale that if put together properly, you will be able to feed yourself with it.

Vid Point: 13:32 new space tech is being tested, we will show to you what is a dream of a spacecraft in reality, because now it is taking shape. This tech was used to capture the American drone and now NASA is working with Keshe blueprints. he says he is holding back the key to UFO flight, he says America, NASA and other countries do not have this flight yet, he says he can see and track UFO’s and what he see’s are not made by us but by others, so No American or NASA craft yet, we see a lot but none from Earth! Blue prints can be down loaded.
18:32 In the very near future we will show the blue print of the Aircraft,

Wake The Sheeple!

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