Microdose : Astral Projection (S1:Ep1) – Gaia

Are you ready to get out of your body and explore other realms through astral travel? Our intrepid explorers of consciousness present you with a microdose of tips and techniques for safe astral projection. They address common concerns and fears so that you can feel confident exploring other realms of existence with out of body experiences.

Learn to astral travel with Dr. Theresa Bullard on Mystery Teachings – https://bit.ly/2Zl404m Traverse astral realms with Jason Quitt on Buzzsaw – https://bit.ly/3bQH3sD Adventure beyond the body with William Buhlman on Inspirations – https://bit.ly/2WOFOG0 Out of body experiences with Luis Minero on Open Minds – https://bit.ly/2Zmg3P5

Hollywood & Religion OBE Fear, Lack of Knowledge of Self, Healing, Telepathy. Fear Is The Enemy – Forbidden Knowledge News w/ William Buhlman

Astral Projection/OBE : Indoctrination, Your Beliefs Are Not Your Own, Incarnation Planning, Lack of Knowledge Is the Problem – Alexis Brooks w/ William Buhlman