Dr. Kion Ahadi was born in Iran in 1976 and currently lives in London, England. Kion has a degree in Economics, Masters in International Business and a PhD in Sociology. His professional career has spanned Government Operational Research, Management and Leadership education, Innovation and Healthcare. He currently works as Head of Research for an organisation that supports skills development in the UK creative industries, such as Film, TV, vfx and computer games.
His main passion lies in researching subjects such as Metaphysics, Paranormal Phenomena, Spirituality and Religion, Philosophy – Critical Realism, Cryptozoology, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Gnosticism, Shamanic Practices, Meditation and the Occult. These interests have resulted in Exit Darkness, Enter Light the first book of a planned trilogy.
The second book, Transformation will be out next year.

00:01 Welcoming Dr. Kion Ahadi to Buzzsaw.
00:44 Roots of a metaphysical fascination, and journey to a more esoteric path.
05:35 Zoroastrianism, and the similarities between different faiths spanning human history–and before.
09:40 Alien gods, Atlantis, and the visitors that could have spawned humanity.
11:30 Scientology, charisma, and syncretic religious and political systems that form around individuals.
15:45 The reptilian species and tradition predating David Icke. 
17:55 Upright beings vs. crawling beings, and the consciousness level of other beings.
19:06 The current Earth cycle, and categories of philosophy.
22:17 Shared mythologies and spiritual evolution in cycles.
24:50 Alien influence on Earth, divine knowledge, and human progression.
26:55 Where to read more about the Earth Cycle.