Megaliths & Giants of Baalbek Part 1: The Quarry – The Largest Megalith in the World 1650 Tons – Hugh Newman

Filmed on the recent Megalithomania/Khemit School Tour, Hugh Newman explores the quarry at Baalbek that contains the ‘Stone of the Pregnant Woman’ estimated to weight 1000 tons. However, in 2014 a much larger monolith was discovered weighing in at 1650 tons that is now excavated. He looks at the folklore of giants who may have been involved in the construction of the main Baalbek Temple that is about 1000m away. Hugh also discusses the idea that it was deliberately left there to mark the birthplace of the temple. How could they have moved such large stones uphill to the main temple in antiquity? Did the Romans really do this or was it a much earlier culture?

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