This story broke nearly two weeks ago but I’d long since become so resigned to the idea that 9/11 truth would never come out, that I ignored it!

In the biggest 9/11 news since that horrible day, New York’s Southern District Federal Court has agreed to hear grand jury evidence brought on behalf of 9/11 victim family members that three World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon were subject to professional demolitions.

Richard Gage AIA of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth and Barbara Honegger from the Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry join Josh Sigurdson from World Alternative Media (WAM) to describe this breakthrough.

As Honegger says, “The evidence is incontrovertible and that evidence is explicitly detailed and referenced with the evidentiary exhibits themselves and we’re talking about formal studies, we’re talking about academic peer-reviewed papers, we’re talking about videos of the eyewitnesses; these are all amongst the 57 pieces of evidentiary information that are part of the petition.”

We all know the official 9/11 investigation was a whitewash. So, why this? Why now? We’ll have to wait about 18 months to find out!



9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger


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Thomas Potter

⭐ On 9/6/2006 Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds gave the presentation “9/11 was an Inside Job” sponsored by The McCLendon Study Group The National Press Club, Washington, D.C. The AE911TRUTH.ORG website was created on 9/21/2006. Thermite produces a blinding white light. The towers did not light up like sparklers on the Fourth of July! 😁 If they found chocolate chip cookie 🍪 crumbs in the dust would that be the cause of destruction? 😁 Let me introduce you to Dr. J. Douglas Beason New weapons and how they may change war subject of talk… Read more »


Barbara did some good work, initially, but she has joined Mueller’s “Get Trump”. Don’t she know Trump is a truther, and Mueller was the Director of the FIB during and 12 years after 9-11?
He obviously was part of the cover up, if not the actual attack.