As Hillary’s emails and Trump’s tweets remain the only “news,” another manufactured storm heads up the East Coast. If you have eyes, you can see there is nothing “natural” about this storm’s origin, or the “story” we get to explain its existence. Just as was true for the Louisiana flood, the West Virginia flood, etc., if you can understand how to boil water, you can understand how this storm was created… and it’s as easy to prove as the existence of the combustion engine is.

On my last video, a viewer posted a patent for a water vapor generator. What was interesting about it, was that it was basically the identical description of how WSAC (Wet Surface Air Cooler) functions (which already exist at 62,500 Power Plants and countless other industries).

*Method for weather modification and vapor generator for weather modification (US 20100074390 A1)* 

Abstract A nuclear fusion reactor (2) or nuclear fission reactor (22) is used as a heat source. A heat exchanger (11 or 37) that contains water to be heated (15) is used for water vapor generation. A circulating pipe (10 or 26) through which a fluid for cooling the nuclear fusion reactor or nuclear fission reactor or for conducting heat exchange circulates is disposed so as to extend in the heat exchanger and be in contact with the water to be heated. Water vapor is thus generated. This water vapor is jetted toward the sky at a state of collimation through a vapor discharge pipe (12 or 36). A cloud for blocking sunlight is formed in the sky from the water vapor jetted to reduce the temperature of the earth surface. This enables a weather modification without discharging any greenhouse gas, e.g., CO2.… 

*How WSAC® systems work:*

In a WSAC® system, warm process fluids or vapors are cooled in a closed-loop tube bundle (the process fluid being cooled never comes in contact with the outside air). Open loop water is sprayed and air is induced over the tube bundle resulting in the cooling effect. Some examples of cooling applications are: The Basics:

– Air is induced downward over the tube bundles. 
– Water is sprayed over the bundles, and travels downward along with the air. 
– A warm process stream (liquids, vapors, or hydrocarbons) flows through tube bundle. Heat from the process stream is released to the cascading water, and a cooled process stream exits. 
– Vaporization transfers heat from cascading water to the air stream. 
– The air stream is forced to turn 180° providing maximum free water removal 
– Fans discharge air vertically at a high velocity to minimize recirculation…

In my own “Effects of Cooling Towers” document, I state the following:

*Effect of Cooling Towers*

“If you cannot read, or you refuse to read, or you refuse to acknowledge what you have read, then do not speak on this subject to attempt to deny the reality – of any of it. Water is Wet, the Earth is round, and 62,500 Power Plants with anywhere from 2 to 240 Tower / WSAC Blower facilities evaporating anywhere from 18,000 gal/min to 700,000 gal/min each, adds trillions of gallons of Water Vapor to the atmosphere and God knows how much heat, and has for the last 50 years. End of discussion.”…

Even if I take the lowest possible numbers: If we assume the 7,000 power plants in the U.S. have two cooling towers each, each one evaporating 18,000 gallons a minute, (2×18,000x60x7,000), then that’s 1,512,000,000 gallons – per hour. That’s 36,288,000,000 gallons in a day. If we apply these bare minimum numbers globally, that’s 135,000,000,000 gallons an hour – or 3,240,000,000,000 in a day. Almost all power plants have at least 4 cooling towers and / or numerous banks of WSAC facilities (evaporating much more than 18,000 gallons a minute), so the actual numbers are much, much higher than this… particularly at these individual ‘storm’ locations, where the evident and obvious release is cranked up to maximum.

So, what does it sound like when people deny this very simple and very provable reality? Boiling trillions of gallons of water makes trillions of gallons of water vapor, which makes trillions of gallons of rain. Hardly rocket science.

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