This update on Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is about an online message and e-mail that is currently circulating on the internet.

The message is posted below:

  • “Have you pieced together the puzzle of missing flight 370 to Beijing China ?? If not, here are your missing pieces.
    Patents Patents Patents
    Four days after the missing flight MH370 a patent is approved by the Patent Office, 4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX.
    Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders.
    Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Freescale Semiconductor (20%)
    If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will.
    If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent.
    That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.
    Who owns Freescale Semiconductor ??
    Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone who owns Freescale.
    Here is your motive for the missing Beijing plane.
    As all 4 Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane.
    Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved. So when the plane went missing, the patent had not been approved.
    Thus, Rothschild gets 100% of Patent once Patent holders declared deceased.”

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