The Mainstream Media is Seeking to Deceive and Distract America

Dont-trust-the-corporate-media-426x240Two days after one of the most crushing defeats to democracy inMcCutcheon vs. FECthe media seems to have forgotten completely about it, and has gone back to reporting about Obamacare signups and a missing Malaysian plane. Rather than honestly educate the American electorate our media prefers to deceive and distract us from what is really going on in America.

This is evident in how the mainstream news is reporting about our economy. Last Friday a new jobs report came out, and the lie according to the mainstream media was that the numbers were great, with 192,000 jobs gained and an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent.

What they failed to tell you is that the official unemployment rate doesn’t take into effect long term unemployed or those who gave up trying to find work. It also includes anyone who did any work, even working one day counts as being employed, which means that these underemployed individuals are counted as well. If we take those people into account as well, the real unemployment rate is 23.2 percent.

Within the details about the growth of the economy since the recession ended, includes the fact that the number of people employed in manufacturing and construction jobs is still 12% and 20% below the pre-recession numbers. Last month we even lost 1,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector. So since the media reports that jobs have come back what sector are they in? Studies show that the growth has come mostly from hospitality and food service positions.

Additionally while the mainstream media reports that we have finally caught up to the number of jobs we lost in the recession, 8.8 million, that doesn’t even keep up with the number that would be needed to keep up with the increase in population since the recession.

Couple this with the fact that the jobless rate has been steadily coming down, but a good part of that is due to people leaving the labor force, which now stands at just 63.2 percent of the population, the lowest level in 35 years.Meanwhile, household incomes have actually fallen 4.4 percent since the official end of the recession in June 2009.

But why should the media distract and deceive us? Because they are controlled by large multinational corporations who are pushing failed policies on us and want to keep us from understanding the truth. The vast majority of media is controlled by just 6(soon to be 5) companies.

We can still save America if we act now, and we must start by making Americans aware of the truth. Some of the solutions may not be easy but they are necessary to save our nation. We must:

  • rewrite our trade agreements to be fair to American workers
  • implement tax reform that makes us competitive with the rest of the world
  • get out of the WTO and ensure American sovereignty remains strong against those seeking to implement global governance
  • halt the sale of key assets to foreign entities
  • close opportunities for foreign corporations to compete unfairly against our home industries
  • institute policies to encourage savings and cut back our consumption of imported products
  • copy the best policies of the nations that have established industrial superiority over us
  • not allow individuals and companies to profit by selling out the United States

We can save America but it will take action from each of us. Contact your Congressional Representative today and tell them about these solutions to help save our economy and our nation.