After hearing crying coming from the beach at Nanoose Bay, Jory Clermont and his friends decided to investigate. What they found was completely unexpected.Jory and his friends were sleeping outside the night before when they first heard the cries but couldn’t see anything on the beach. The next morning, the group could still hear the cries and went down to the beach for a further look.
They found a baby seal had wandered onto the shore during a storm and was lost. This wasn’t the first time Jory found a lost seal on the beach and he and his mother decided to call the Vancouver Aquarium to find out what to do. The aquarium advised Jory to help the seal into the water as quickly as possible.
He knew just where to take the poor pup and his mom carried the creature down to a section of the beach where other seals reside. As the pup we released back into the water, it began to swim around. Before moving on, it swam back to Jory to show his gratitude by kissing and hugging his leg. Credit: Jory Clermont via Storyful