Linda Moulton Howe’s Big Picture – w/ Art Bell : The Larger Reality, beyond the big Lies.
Linda Moulton Howe’s Revealing “Big Picture” view – October 2013
GuidoFox Comments:…
One Hour Video is a fascinating Excerpt from a 3-Hour interview that LMH did with Art Bell…
Big Picture is excerpts from Art Bell’s Dark Matter radio show in Oct.2013. LMH reveals more here (about the “Big Picture” of humanity’s relationship with ET’s and ED’s) than I have ever heard her discuss previously in any single interview.

Keep in mind that Linda and Art were born less than two years apart, so these two are almost exact contemporaries, and have long shared a deep interest in matters – “Above Humanity” – They have tred some similar paths. And Linda shares much from her many investigations.
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Some Random Notes:
genetic manipulations – to produce containers.
other realities, high strangeness: resurrection technologies
linda porter 1993: between teenage years and her 20’s.
the praying mantis: sadness, and as old as our solar system
preying mantis can calm humans – walked her into a room with a grey.
prime intelligence grey: removes a heart from a human with no blood.
Non-humans have power over life and death, to advance their genetic studies.
What is allowable to be done with Life?
16mins: The animus goes in and out of different containers

AB: at 33mins: “Good God, Linda, you are talking about an invasion!”
If we become a container for a soul other than our own…