Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima : Nuclear kabuki theater, depopulation, ritual sacrifice by Jesuits and Zionists – Alfred Webre w/ Leuren Moret

By Alfred Lambremont Webre



VANCOUVER, BC – In this NewsInsideOut.com interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, independent scientist Leuren Moret MA, PhD ABD exposes Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima as nuclear kabuki theater, depopulation an and ritual sacrifice events by Jesuit and Zionist forces.

Outline of the Interview

Part 1: First A-Bombs Dropped On Human Population


Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On Oceans Part 1

  1. A-Bombings

– Quote – Yoshito Matsushige

– Immediate Coverup

– New York Times Mouthpiece For Gen. Groves

– Hidden Japanese Christians (Jesuits 1500’s) Were Target

– Col. Henry Stimson – Sec. War WWI + II- Wall St.
Banker, Skull And Bones, Ties To Col And Churchill

– 8000/12000 Christians Killed

  1. Post WW II – Rockefellers Made Huge Profits


  1. Jesuit History In Japan/Nagasaki

– Arrived Aug. 15, 1549 On Feast Day Of Assumption Of

– Fat Man Dropped On Mass Aug. 9 1945 For Feast Day Of
Assumption Of Mary

– Emperor Surrendered Aug. 15 On Feast Day Of
Assumption Of Mary

  1. Financiers Get Rich Off Wars And Wmd’s

– Killed 2/3 Of Christians In Nagasaki

– Destroyed Largest Catholic Cathedral (Jesuit) In Asia

– Stopped Spread Of Christianity In Asia – Christians
Opposed To Usury

  1. To Send A Message Assassins Like Anniversaries

– Attacks On Jp Christians Always On Feast Day Of
Assumption Of Mary Over 400 Yr. Period

– Symbolism Is NWO Fingerprint On Events

World Trade Center – 911, Hitlers Bday 420, Fuku 311,
Skull And Bones 322, Demosthenes – Greek Democracy
Ends (#?)

  1. Post WWII Rockefeller Land Grabs Thru A-Bombs

– Sony

– Took MITI Position – Ministry Of Trade And Industry
(Even Used To Advantage W Tepco/Fuku)

  1. Leuren Introduced New Rad Risk Model 2003 – Lawsuits For Hibakusha First Time Win Against Jp Govt.
  2. Col. Lester Prouty Quote

Part 2: Global Nuclear Kabuki Theater Starts – Japan At The Starting Line

Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On Oceans Part 2

  1. 1904: Early Japan Nuclear Experimental/Theoretical Physicists In Eu

– 1904 – Hantaru Nagaoka – First Atomic Models

Worked On Japan Nuclear Bomb Progr. Ww Ii

– 1928 – Yoshio Nishina – Co-Authored Klein-Nishina
Formula That Led To Compton Effect After Visiting Eu
Nuke Labs – Cavendish, Gottingen, And Research W
Niels Bohr

– 1930 Yoshio Nishina Returned To Jp W Austrian Chem.
Engineer Fritz Hansgerg To Build Jp A-Bomb
(Sponsored By Emil F. Winter A Rothschild Who Built A
Magnesium Plant In Austria)

(Marie Curie Had Been Given 1 Ton Of Pitchblend In 1898
By Austrian Govt. To Find Uranium + Decay Products)

– 1934 – Hikosaka Todayoshi – Atomic Physics Theory And
Pointed Out That Enormous Nuclear Energy Could Be
Used For Energy Generation And Atomic Bombs
– 1936 – Yoshio Nishina – Built 26″ Cyclotron At Riken Lab

– 1938 – Yoshio Nichina Built 60″ Cyclotron W 250 Ton
Magnet Ernest Lawrence Gave Him (Collaboraters)

– 1941 – Minister Of Army Gen. Tojo Orders
Development Of A-Bomb

  1. Japan’s Atomic Bomb (Genzai Bakuden – “Greatest Fighter”) Detonated In Northern Korea 3 Days After Nagasaki A-Bombed By Us.

– Richard Cook Quote – Bankers And Wmd’s

  1. Fritz Hansgerg Gives A-Bomb Plans (Jesuit Source In Austria) And Scientific Support In 1940’s To All Countries W A-Bomb Programs – JP, US, UK, DE, Soviet RU, China?
  2. Nuclear Bomb Template For WW II A-Bomb Programs:

A secret CIA document, “Chasing Bitterfeld Calcium” by Henry S. Lowenhaupt, was redacted and released on July 2, 1996, and referred to the Japanese atomic bomb project in North Korea:

Then we learned that Soviet technicians had been intensely interested in the similar Hansgirg process furnaces at the Hungnam Chemical Complex in North Korea when that country came under Soviet control in 1945.  H.S. Lowenhaupt, “Chasing Bitterfeld Calcium” (1996).28

Similarities between the Japanese Atomic Bomb Project, U.S. Manhattan Project, Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Program, and the British Nuclear Weapons Program indicated a common source for many aspects of those top-secret programs.  All of them had knowledge of a self-sustaining fission reaction in a heavy-water-moderated pile, knowledge of reactor theory, the best arrangement for the lattice of fuel elements, experience in the production and casing of metallic Uranium, detailed designs and pilot programs for the production of heavy water, and experiments with different methods of isotope separation for concentrating the fissile Uranium-235 (especially the gas centrifuge method).  They had a body of know-how, experimental machines, and basic materials unique outside Britain and the United States when they reached the production stage.

  1. Fukushima: New Nuclear Bombs For Bankers

Jesuit template for A-bombs in WW II came from Austria through a Rothschild banker/industrialist in Pittsburgh, and introduced to every nuke country by Austrian chem engineer Fritz Hansgerg – he even worked with Ernest Lawrence and built a Magnesium plant south of SF for extraction of uranium from ore.  All nuke bombs in WWII were built with similar components (CIA declassified paper indicating one source – and this evidence proves it came through a Rothschild – Emil F. Winter whose parents had the middle name “Bauer” the Rothschild family name before it was changed to Rothschild.
Emil F. Winter funded Austrian Chem. Engineer Fritz Hansgerg who introduced the Jesuit Nuke template to Japan, US (thru Ernest Lawrence), Germany, Austria, UK, Russia, China?, in WW II.  From 1930 on he helped the Japanese build an atomic bomb detonated in northern Korea 3 days after Nagasaki was bombed.  Clearly Winter (parents middle name was Bauer = Rothschild) was a Rothschild posing as a banker and co-founded Pittsburgh Steel.

Subject: Winter Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery

Winter Mausoleum, Allegheny Cemetery
Photo of Emil F. Winter:
BIO of Winter:

Austrian testimony on Winter in village where he built magnesite mine to extract uranium from ore for the bomb.  Villagers said he came from Dusseldorg or Darmstat Germany and had ties to IG FARBEN in WWII.  He was a Jew so he lost property in WW II:


Info on Japan A-bomb detonated near Pyongyang in 1945:
Hungnam, North Korea: Delving into
Pyongyang’s Long Nuclear Past

Source: http://newsinsideout.com