Letters to Rothschild, the Pope and the Queen – Cindy Kay Currier


Open letter to Jacob Roschild, Elizabeth Windsor and Jorge Bergoglio
A Chance to Make Things Right
Sent registered mail June 3, 2016
From: Cindy Kay Currier
Ombudsman, Reign of Earth

To: Jacob Rothschild
Brookfield Place
TD Canada Trust Tower
161 Bay Street, Suite 4230
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2S1

Elizabeth Windsor
17 Bruton St
Mayfair, London W1J 6QB

Jorge Bergoglio
Apostolic Palace

June 2, 2016

This message is an invitation to invest in the ultimate freedom of humanity.

Rumor has it that collectively, you hold the world’s wealth. What to do with it seems to be a conundrum as    you realize the banking systems of today are stacked against the people who most desperately need relief. I am starting a “bank” intended to completely eliminate elitism, poverty, disease and war. It is designed to function as a bridge to the Heirship Economy as described in this Natural Law Egg article: http://www.naturallawegg.com/blog/heirship-economy-offers-peer-to-peer-banking

The idea is for monetized Heirship Economy bills of exchange (HE) to be converted into recognizable currency across the world (Euro, Peso or Dollar, for example). This will require an interbank payment network through which to transfer funds to state banks (‘state’ as defined by the HE). With the right technology and operating funds, this should be relatively simple to accomplish. The goal would be to eventually eliminate the need for converting altogether because HE would become accepted worldwide.

With enough traditional currency with which to fund the conversions, I can create a smoothly run transitional bank. It is rumored that the worldwide budget is 33 Trillion USD per year. I speculate that humanity will choose to transition to the Heirship Economy within three years; therefore, I am requesting 99 Trillion USD to fund the HE bank and interbank payment network.

I can be reached anytime at [email protected] or [email protected] I will be happy to speak by phone as well once personal contact is established. Thank you for your time.


Cindy Kay Currier
Ombudsman, Reign of Earth
Enclosure: Heirship Economy plan