Yesterday they announced the latest Legionnaires’ disease case in New York in Rockland Country at Chromalloy. Once again this illustrates with crystal clarity how little people (and Government) actually know about this ‘outbreak’ and the equipment involved. One of the many things we have already learned from this event, is that New York City Government doesn’t even have a list of buildings that have these Cooling Towers (WSAC) on their roofs. If NYC Gov and the CDC actually want to understand the extent of this reality, they need to talk to me.

WSAC (Wet Surface Cooling Towers) are quite likely the most ubiquitous piece of equipment on the planet, with no explicable purpose… excluding of course their fundamental function in global geoengineering. These systems exist (often in large banks) at almost every one of the 7,000 U.S. power plants and 62,500 power plants worldwide. The supposed reasoning for these systems is to “conserve closed loop water in the steam-driven turbine power generation process, by re-condensing the steam back to water, so it can be re-heated and sent through the turbine again.” However, in order to do this, huge amounts of open loop fresh water are sprayed on the very hot tubes containing the closed loop fluid, which instantly vaporizes (turning into steam itself), and not only is this vaporized water (Water Vapor) released into the air, it is forcefully blown into the atmosphere with huge banks of fans.

Equally inexplicably yet equally ubiquitously, these WSAC Open Loop Systems are on top of buildings and skyscrapers as part of the air conditioning systems. I haven’t yet investigated the stated necessity or efficiency of having water sprayed on tubes in the open air as part of air conditioning systems in 2015, or what boiling fluid is in those tubes as byproduct of air conditioning, but my viewers can rest assured that I will.

However, the fact remains that these WSAC systems are atop almost every large building in New York City. On top of every tall building, these open (potentially stagnant) pools of water exist, and they vent directly into the air we all breath.

Best conditions of Legionnaires Disease Bacteria growth:

“Warm, stagnant water provides ideal conditions for growth. At temperatures between 20°C-50°C (68°-122°F) the organism can multiply. Temperatures of 32°C-40°C (90°-105°F) are ideal for growth. Rust (iron), scale, and the presence of other microorganisms can also promote the growth of LDB.”

The fact that this bacteria’s ideal growth temperature is at least 90°, illustrates the illogical ubiquitous existence of these systems (outside of geoengineering reality) even further. How is spraying 90° water on tubes filed with boiling liquid, going to cool that liquid? Obviously, it isn’t. The only thing spraying 90° water on tubes filled with boiling liquid is going to do, is vaporize that 90° water and send it into the air. “The purpose of system, is what it does.”

It may sound contradictory given the subject of my work and research, but I am not really one for ‘sensationalism,’ for two fundamental reasons: 1) The reality is sensational enough, and 2) sensationalism is used as misdirection and as a vehicle to interject all kinds of ridiculousness in any kind of search for the truth.

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