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Just Enjoy the Ozzy & Keep Your Mouth Shut!


 Interviewer asks Ozzy if he listens to Justin Bieber


I was there and almost got kicked out for smoking a Fucking joint!

Crazy Train Vancouver 2010

 Mama I’m coming Home – Live & Loud

Goodbye To Romance – Live & Loud

Ozzy wrote this song on his very first solo album after being kicked out of Black Sabbath. A Fair Well Goodbye Song 🙂
Now look at them today. Back together and a Grammy in 2014 for best Heavy Metal performance. What!? At age 67!?



Ozzfest Spoofs (Madonna, Elvis Presley, The Beatles) Hilarious!

Mr Crowley – Live & Loud

Spiral Architect – Black Sabbath

Ozzfest Spoofs – Part 1

Breaking All The Rules

 Sabbra Cadabra -Black Sabbath


Blue Suede Shoes – Black Sabbath




WWE Raw Highlights – Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Guest Host


Wake The Sheeple!

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