JFK Files Blocked
In this fascinating live broadcast, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Forbidden Knowledge TV’s Alexandra Bruce examine the recently released JFK Assassination files and explore the reasons why the CIA continue to to try and block final release of their secret files.

New Revelations Destroy Official Story
The files show such interesting details as the FBI Report revealing the Surgeon General’s opinion that the fatal shot that struck the President on November 22nd 1963 came from in front of the Presidential Limousine not from the Texas School Book Depository where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to have been shooting from.

Mysterious Call Before The JFK Assassination
Another interesting fact that tumbled out the documents that the Administration released is that a British Reporter for a major UK Newspaper received an anonymous phone call 25 minutes before the assassination telling him to call them American Embassy in London to tell them ‘Something Big’ was about to happen in America. MI5 intelligence in the UK confirmed that the reporter was a reliable source with major connections.

UFO Question and the National Security State
The larger question looming over the JFK Assassination as new details emerge is why covert elements in the National Security State would participate in the assassination and why the Media and Government would participate in the massive Cover Up. The answer may lie in memos that JFK wrote to NASA and the CIA 10 days before he was assassinated instructing these agencies to prepare to share our secret reports on UFOs with Russian leaders. He was looking to lessen the tensions of the Cold War and also expressed a concern that these unidentified craft could accidentally set off a nuclear war.

However, the covert elements in the Deep State likely saw this policy change as a major threat ti the their own power base since the UFO information was classified higher than Nuclear Weapons!

Fascinating, unnerving, revealing and informative, don’t miss this special Dark Journalist live broadcast!

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