It Takes Special People to Speak Out Against the System

“The more enlightened man will become, the less he will employ compulsion and coercion. The really civilized man will divest himself of all fear and authority. He will rise from the dust and stand erect: he will bow to no tsar either in heaven or on earth. He will become fully human when he will scorn to rule and refuse to be ruled. He will be truly free only when there shall be no more masters.”

~Alexander Berkman, in “Is Anarchism Violence?”in ABC of Anarchism (1929)

It takes special people to speak out against the system and vie for anarchism; to vie for a free society. The people who have taken this path are the cream of the crop. They are courageous and authentic. They are visionaries who will stop at nothing to create a new, better world for everyone.

However, the task of combating the system is no easy one. Anarchists face constant threats. They are chastised, alienated, ostracized, bullied, threatened, harassed, and scapegoated for their beliefs and principles. They will be hated, and sometimes the consequences for their actions will be dire.

tumblr_msq7yweed61s58fdwo1_500I have Risked My Life, But I Press Forward

Personally, I have risked jobs, my life and livelihood for my convictions. I have dealt with scrutiny from those close to me all because I think government is shit and freedom is good.

Nonetheless, I keep pushing forward because peace, love, and freedom are ideals I cherish deeply and keep close to my heart. Things may get worse before they get better, but I am going to keep on keeping on. And I suspect many anarchists will also continue down this path, because they believe the ideal is worth effort. They believe a new world is possible.

And no matter what maelstrom of malicious nonsense from government cronies and sleeping sadists they have to deal with, they will not break in the face of fear. They will not stop because people issue threats and condemnations of anarchy. No. They will persevere through all difficulty.

This is because anarchists are not like any other political group. Their ideas, principles, and personalities are not shaped by any goddamn television program, school curriculum, or religious ideology. Their ideas ultimately come from within, from a voracious hunger for living outside the system—for an unstoppable desire to be free of festering tyranny and all the godforsaken violence.

90cc977748550259149c10cb50f6d963Anarchists are Free Thinkers and Free Lovers

This is why these people are special. They are freethinkers. Free lovers. They are unique. Bold. Enthusiastic. Forward thinking. Compassionate, kind, and strong.

Without anarchists and similar iconoclasts, the world would be rife with sycophants and succubi, and the forces of good would be nowhere. And all the world would be drowning in damnation, without a single voice crying out for dignity and decency.

And all would be lost. Black. Hollow. Void.

About the Author

Sterlin Luxan is a visionary thinker, cryptocurrency junkie, connoisseur of psychology, an MDMA high priest, and the Mr. Rogers of Anarchism. He writes for, runs a consultancy business in the crypto space, and public speaker. He created the doctrine of relational anarchism and contributes to many causes in the thriving liberty ecosystem.

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