There was once a rush in the world to create the ultimate weapon that would allow world leaders to automatically win and dominate any situation. The United States achieved that success by perfecting Signals Intelligence, a weapon that could spy on anyone, unveil any secret, and attack anyone they wanted from remote distances. What a formidable way to win againsts the Soviets, to control China, and the entire world, to have it all under their control covertly and secretly. Once the system was built, there were no opportunities to overcome it, no one could build anything better, and it would always trump. This is why it’s “hopeless” and “too late,” as Dr. Robert Duncan likes to say. It’s also a forbidden weapon by the United States constitution and all public and international laws, which is why it must be operated secretly.. The Department of Defense, NSA, Air Force, Navy, NRO, Navy and others operate with an unlimited budget, greater than all other nations militaries combined, giving us more technology than all other countries in the world combined. Fear us, we spy on through walls, kill, torture, control, rape, mind control, mind tap, and irradiate people with it..