Hurricane Ophelia: Manmade Creation

Another week, another hurricane. As always, the deliberate manmade creation of Ophelia, is as plain to see as sunrise. As each week these storms strike a different country and try to flood them out of existence, it simply can’t be any clearer that ALL countries are under this same insidious attack, and ALL citizens of the Earth need to wake up to this insidious reality.

If the people of this planet would unite in focus on this simple daily provable reality, the media and the population would have NO CHOICE but to stop looking at the daily diversions intended to keep people looking the other way, and see the massive and growing effort to reduce almost every country on the planet to rubble, while blaming it on God and Mother Nature. The only way to do ANYTHING about this global attack is to expose it for what it is. Once again, that is the reason for my ten years of documented evidence, and the reason I continue to prove it – every single day.