The bizarre disappearance of Tampa Bay water shows how these manmade storms fall apart when they lose their Water Vapor fuel source. Throughout the span of Irma, massive high concentration bursts can be seen constantly rebuilding and refueling the eye of the storm. These massive highest concentrations of Water Vapor are happening in an atmosphere of completely dry air. There are NO natural circumstances where top end concentrations of Water Vapor can materialize right next to (or in the middle of of) completely dry air, but that is what happens throughout the storm’s entire cycle.

As you can see in the video, the Rapid Evaporation fueling that sustained Irma stopped flowing from the Gilf at the same time Tampa Bay water disappeared. The moment the Water Vapor fueling from the Gulf stops, the Southern side of Irma instantly flies apart as the dry air instantly rushes in. At the same time however, massive On-Land Water Vapor Generation takes over fueling the North side of the storm, and (as usual) causes 25 inches of rain to drop on Jacksonville in 24 hours, This is the cause of all subsequent flooding, not storm surge.

It doesn’t get much more obvious than this example. When the Water Vapor source is turned off like a faucet, the storm is turned off too. Again, it should be clear to anyone with common sense (and certainly should be clear to any “meteorologists”) that this simply cannot happen in nature. Yet, it’s the only way Irma, or Harvey, or Jose can even exist.

Once again, here is a glaring opportunity for people to see how daily manufactured weather actually happens. While meteorologists lie directly to our faces about the source of constant flooding, the in-place Water Vapor Generation responsible for keeping these systems alive is plain for all to see. While the population lines up yet again to donate cleaning supplies and baby formula to people who lost their homes and all of their possessions, the one REAL thing people can do to help these victims – is to EDUCATE them on the manmade sources that put them in this hell to begin with. Please, support the only channel and singular work that proves the local sources of these manufactured disasters, every single day.