Hurricane Irma: Manmade Storm Targeting Florida

There’s nothing “natural” about Circular In-Place Simultaneous and Coordinated Bursts of Rapid Evaporation combining to create the bands of Irma, but that exact process can be seen throughout this storm’s development. From start to finish, the bursts are the only reason this storm exists at all, and they prove the manmade and deliberate origin.

Even more obvious than the construction of the storm itself, is the massive Water Vapor Generation in advance of the storm that will be sucked up and dropped on Florida in torrential rain – just as was the case with Harvey. The In-Place Creation of Hurricane Katia in the Gulf (in almost the exact spot Harvey was created overnight) again shows the obvious and systematic creation of these storms in exactly the same way, day after day.

For new viewers, this is shocking and world-perception-altering information, but to the already initiated, it’s as shocking and new, as sunrise is. The fact of the matter is this Global Water Vapor Generation System that created Irma from scratch all the way across the Atlantic in Africa, has existed and been under development for over half a century. The very same bursts visible throughout this storm are identifiable on satellite imagery from the 60s and 70s. Granted, there were considerably less of them and this system was far less widespread, but this method of weather generation (to [among other things] coverup the collapsing natural climate and water cycle) has been hidden from the public in plain sight for at least 50 years.

After the most costly and devastating storm in U.S. history last week (Harvey), and as we wait to see what destruction Irma will cause this week, this is the opportunity for the population to wake up to the insidious and rapidly increasing weather attack were ALL subject to. No country is immune and (as you can see from the dozen coordinated countries in the Gulf) no county is excluded from the Industrial Control Network that manages these Water Vapor Generation Releases, whether they are “aware” of it, or not. This isn’t “theory” or hypothesis,” this is daily observable reality.

For ten years I have documented and exposed this broad daylight reality, in spite of all efforts to keep it hidden and suppressed as it has been for 50 years. While the population is lead around by the nose with endless HAARP misdirection, “Chemtrail” factoids, and pointless lawsuits, this simple reality of boiling water has been the key to real understanding of daily manufactured weather – that controlled opposition and the perpetrators they serve have desperately tried to keep secret. Now is the time to shatter the illusion and wake the population to the manmade disasters we are all forced to go through, and this body of work and ten years of evidence, remains the only source of the truth.

Please, help me put an end to this half a century lie and expose this daily observable reality, that every single human being desperately needs to understand. As you can very well see, all of our lives – depend on it. Please, support an propagate this singular independent work.



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