Save the World by Saving your Meanings 

The spiritual war is a war based on meanings. Read How to Rule the World for more information on how your meanings are under attack. Then read this page on how to defend your meanings. And pray for those who are imposing the meaning war on us.

If you love your culture, and desire to preserve it, then keep its meanings, beliefs, and symbolic definitions.

Principles of Meaning Defense

1. Be aware of the power of media (tv, movies, books, music, etc.) to destroy your meanings

All media perpetuate stories. Stories are societal scripts for behavior that create beliefs about the outcomes of that behavior. Most people then follow these scripts in their daily lives (unconsciously), and their cultural meanings get destroyed in the process.

Write, listen to, and share media “stories” with YOUR chosen meanings and role models; for instance, stories with happy endings that show the importance of people living and defending their values.

2. Turn off the TV

TV is a strong trance inducer and unconscious programmer of story scripts. Limit exposure as much as possible. A good goal to work towards is no more than two hours a week. You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have, how much more peaceful you feel, and how much easier it is to keep your own culture’s meanings and values.

3. Be independent of social opinion

And value what’s real in people. Much of the meaning manipulation that goes on is done using calculated social trance.  You can avoid being too susceptible to it by having confidence in your own principles so that you are not overly dependent on validation from others. God is not a respector of persons, and neither should you be. Everyone is equal in God’s eyes. Neither covet, nor be overly impressed by, titles, degrees, authority, wealth, status, power; they are fleeting and, increasingly, dishonestly gained. For instance, grading (which leads to degrees, titles, authority, etc.) has begun to disadvantage students with values. The myth of universal assent on their key doctrines has emboldened them to start subtly punishing students who disagree with them through manufacturing implicit norms:  unspoken rules where disagreement with their key doctrines (no matter how logical the disagreement) almost always produces a lower grade, the justification for which is always claimed to be anything other than the real reason of grading discrimination.  Because these norms are implicit and not written down however, they can be difficult to recognize and analyze in the full light of fairness. But, they are learned by students nonetheless. (If there were ever a bold implicit learning researcher, the evidence for this could easily be found.)

Treat everyone with respect, and avoid being overly impressed with social honors or the roles people play. You are essentially everyone’s equal when it comes to your right to your beliefs.

4. Home school if possible, or support schools with your belief system

Public school is increasingly becoming a place to learn how to be completely comforming to social opinion to increase susceptibility to social manipulation. If you must attend public school, ensure you maintain a rigorous spiritual practice where you reinforce your spiritual beliefs every day.

5. Keep and defend the meanings that are most important: (many of these are opposite meanings to theirKey Doctrines)

  • Free Will exists. People DO have higher natures. We are NOT determined by our lowest common desires. True altruism DOES exist.  We are not just self serving animals.
  • You have every right to be certain about your beliefs, defend them, and have them tolerated by others. (Just ensure you extend tolerance for others’ beliefs too.)
  • Justifying evil actions (like rape) with cultural relativity is an appeal to the lowest beliefs humanity has had as a standard for everyone else to follow. This is folly. Good and evil do exist, even if we (or our culture) aren’t always able to discern them.
  • Under normal circumstances, there is ONE core identity/soul/spirit per person (think this isn’t at question? Then  you don’t know what is being taught in Philosophy courses across the nation!)
  • The most just and honest should rule (not the ones who have endured the most abuse and survived through deceit and ill deeds)
  • Truth conquers all lies.
  • While Earth IS our beautiful wonderful home right now, and should be taken care of, appreciated, and treated with respect… Heaven *does* exist.  We should help Earth be like it.
  • There is a spiritual soul.
  • People with integrity are rewarded.
  • The pinnacle of morality is disciplining oneself to follow clear moral values…not moral relativity with contradictory values.
  • Children’s innocence should be preserved, not violated.
  • Natural and spiritual processes can be analyzed and to a certain extent predicted, but this does not undermine the validity of those processes, nor does it mean that we should seek to control them. For instance, decision making can be analyzed and to a certain extent predicted, but that does not mean we should control it, nor does it undermine the existence of Free Will.
  • God exists. God is infinite and unfathomable. The real God always surpasses all logical, conscious attempts at analyzation. God “confounds the wise” of all generations.
  • Love is gentle and kind (not abusive)
  • Higher desires should be appealed to: courage, character, integrity, and sacrificing for ideals are noble and esteem– worthy.  All of the meanings and values listed above are worth enduring social opposition (and more) for; indeed, our entire future depends on it.

6. Repeat and remind yourself of your spiritual meanings on a daily basis

through scripture study, prayer, songs, affrmations, etc. Repeat your meanings through interacting with others of your culture who share your meanings. Recognize and resist intentional pressures to change your meanings.

7. Defend your meanings when they are under attack

Defend your rights to speaking and living your beliefs, your rights to home schooling, your rights to parenting your own children, and your rights to personal sovereignty over your home and land. Don’t assume other people will do it for you.

Meaning manipulators are counting on you to keep quiet because of your uncertainty versus their certainty (or your social status vs. their social status, etc.) But going along with this allows their illusion of universal assent to stand. Don’t remain silent. Pick your battles, and be confident enough in your own moral meanings to stand up for them when others disagree and unreasonably demand you change your beliefs instead of them changing theirs. Realize the social pressure they put on you is calculated; no matter what people believe now, it all started as a lie. You have a right to your cultural heritage! And, if you don’t defend your meanings, no one else will.

8. Always speak the truth

When you discipline yourself to speak the Truth, you are less susceptible to others trying to enforce false meanings on you because you have been training yourself to recognize Truth. This ability confounds the wise, because as you stand TRUE you can sense the Truth beyond all of their sophisticated attempts to manipulate it (like trance, and other meaning manipulation techniques.)

9. Keep your integrity

Internalize your self identity as an heir of God and put this true identity first before any other societal roles you might play. Keep your integrity, ideals, and principles, as an heir of God, under all circumstances. Value this identity above all others. Do not allow your integrity to be compromised no matter what roles a wider culture might want you to play.

10. Promote your meanings and values

There are many ways you can do this. For instance, you could promote your meanings through obtaining a position of power. If you find the route to power has become so corrupted it can’t be honestly obtained, tell people so they cease supporting the power of those positions; no normal person wants leaders who had to be corrupt before they could gain power.

11. Bless our enemies

Click here for ideas on how to bless our enemies.