How to Remove Negative Energies, Implants, and Entities – The Moore Show w/ Lynn Williams

About the guest:
Lynn has been an Empath and Claircognizant since she was a child. She utilized these gifts to build several businesses from scratch and to help her become a top senior management recruiter in the corporate world for 25 years, as she was able to accurately assess whether a candidate was the right person for the job based on the “unseen” parts of the personality.

After her profound Spiritual Awakening by ET visitation in 2010, whereby all of her other psychic gifts of feeling, seeing and hearing into the other realms were opened, Lynn decided to dedicate her life and work to assisting others in their own Spiritual Awakening, emotional healing and shadow work, teaching them how to remove etheric interferences that hinder them, and inspiring them to live healthier, more fulfilled lives. Lynn can activate awakenings within people with her words and “downloads” messages for her clients directly from Source. She also works with people, pets and horses as a telepathic Energy Healer.Her ability to connect with and feel the emotions of people and animals, combined with her healing hands and voice, has helped numerous people and animals heal from various physical and emotional trauma.

Additionally, Lynn has coached and guided a variety of clients with finding the right career, job transition, work-life balance, attaining optimal health, and creating better relationships. She has spent thousands of hours studying and/or experiencing a multitude of subjects Metaphysical, Spiritual, Ascension, UFO and ET-related.

Guest: Lynn Williams

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