By El

Creation is what happens when something new is made. It can be something desirable, it can be something you don’t find all that thrilling, but it’s something new. It can apply to new ideas, to new babies, to new technologies, or new friends. Heck, it can even apply to the universe as a whole.

Of course, both Science and Religion acknowledge reality coming into existence, and the only difference is the story of how it happens. In science, creation (the big bang) is more of an “unexplained anomaly”, where as in religion, creation is of course created by – the creator, and that’s the full story and we shalt ask no more questions about it!

But I actually would like to ask some questions about it, thank you very much. Who or what exactly is the creator that all of these religions describe? What ingredients were put together to create the universe and reality that we exist within today, and with what consciousness were they put together with?

I have this philosophy that I talk about sometimes with random strangers on the street or even here on the interwebs, that we are all God, and we are all a part of God. We need to be humble, because it’s very easy to think of yourself as the king or queen of the world… just remember that if that’s true, so is everyone else, and we can learn to respect them for being as such (even if they themselves don’t see it).

Furthermore, if there is a level of consciousness so grand and incredible that it can create the universe in all it’s majesty… and we are a part of that same consciousness… Then are we not Creators as well?

Being a Creator is all about living life with awareness, and actively interacting with, pushing and pulling the energy and matter of the circumstances around you in order to create a better life both for yourself, and your friends, family, and everyone else too.

It’s only hard from the perspective that we don’t exactly know how to do it yet, and we’re learning every day.

We learn by trying new things, by putting time, effort and energy into the recognition of the core vibrations of what’s happening, and moving in the direction that creates a shift. Sometimes this takes shifting internally, allowing old ideas to grow into new ideas and change their structure and geometry.

And sometimes this takes shifting externally. Expressing what you’re feeling to another, building or making something, or perhaps even cleaning something. It’s essentially moving energy & matter, both internally and externally.

You can ask yourself, what do you want to create? Explore all of the fractals of that question.

What are you creating right now?

What would you like it to look like?

How might you be able to accomplish that?

What’s stopping you from doing it right now?

By taking these ideas, and breaking them down into their physical components, now you have a basis for action, and you become a person with motion. The universe supports things in motion, and as you continue to grow as a loving, aware and conscious living being, so will your support all around you.

Recognize that creation happens on all kinds of levels. Physically, you could create music, you could create dances, movies, art of all kinds. You could create technology, or things to help solve problems in our day to day lives.

And you might also just be a creator that makes a really great space. Someone who’s company is incredible to be around, and people get inspiration just from sitting next to you. You might create through seeing everyone’s ideas, and putting them together in ways that works, or create through the way that you inspire people with your words, or even your food.

You can really create anything, and no matter what your age, no matter where you are, you can create.

There may be some stepping stones, in order to go from 1 to 10, you gotta cross 2 through 9, you know? Don’t be expected to learn how to build a space craft without any engineering training.

But that’s all a part of the fun!

Just as much, creating something can also look like shifting something that sucked into something that’s awesome… just keep that in mind as you go about your day.

When a creation is in flow and alignment with everything… well, it creates just plain magic. Each day, take a deep breath, in fact, take several. Slow down your body. Slow down your mind.




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