In this 2nd part interview with Laura Eisenhower on #EdgeofWonder, she explains the actual science behind #Astrology and why the #DeepState is obsessed with it and wants to hide the true nature and science of it. The Deep state understands how the energy of the celestial bodies interact with the Earth energy grid, the human body, and how to use it against us.

We also talk about how we are all connected to each other and to the universe and how it is related to the divine. Laura gets personal with her own beliefs and how and why and how we are able move into a higher thinking and a higher state of consciousness.

Part1: What is Ascension, Divine Feminine, & Breaking Dark Force’s Grip – Laura Eisenhower [Part 1]

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*This was recorded during the Cosmic Waves conference in Hawaii in April of 2019. (The annoying sound in the background are small frogs)


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