His Life and Channeling Bashar – Jimmy Church w/ Darryl Anka

Tonight on FADE to BLACK: Darryl Anka is here and we are going to talk about his life, Bashar, and his recent documentary, ‘First Contact’, which explores his life as a channel and the messages Bashar shares through him and the earth changes that we are all experiencing today with a fresh look at 2021.

Darryl has been channeling the remarkable multidimensional being from the future known as Bashar for over 34 years.

Along with Edgar Cayce, Seth and Abraham-Hicks, the Bashar material has been heralded as some of the most relevant, compelling and dynamic information delivered to the planet to date.

In addition to channeling Bashar, Darryl expresses his creative talents in the forms of writing, directing and producing films through his own production company, Zia Films.

Air date: February 3, 2021