Hidden Agenda FIles – Project Grudge / UFO Conspiracy? – Matrix Disclosure

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Project Grudge is a fine example of how to appear productive when, in reality, you are busy doing nothing. Project Grudge was a total fluke set up with one single aim: debunk all reports and find natural explanations for those you can’t. Hidden Agenda FIles – Project Grudge / UFO Conspiracy? This continued until the UFO sighting reported around Fort Monmouth in New Jersey in September of 1951. A number of pilots and radar operators observed these fast-moving and highly manoeuvrable aircraft that are shaped like discs. It took a direct order by the head of Air Force intelligence at the Pentagon, Major General Charles P. Cabell, to swing the investigators into action. With huge determination, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt (Remember him from Project Sign?) was put in charge of Project Blue Book, and work commenced immediately. It was Ruppelt that created the name Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) to replace the press-publicized “flying saucer.” Data were gathered and placed under high scrutiny. , Dr Allen Hynek, who was hired as a scientific consultant during Project Sign and Also for Project Blue Book. He was a straight UFO sceptic who worked at the time in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ohio State.

Lecture on the Illuminati & The Secret Government – William Cooper (1989)