Help Covid-19 Vaccinated Suffering Adverse Reactions By Supporting Free Speech – Merkaba Chakras

Welcome to another episode of Merkaba Chakras. Today, your host, Buddhist author, Von Galt is going to show you how Google, the big tech companies, and major new stations are not reporting critical details about the mRNA vaccine, which causes long-term, life-threatening adverse reactions in the recipients. You will see with your own eyes, how many governments and medical agencies worldwide are disregarding the medical findings of doctors, medical experts, and vaccine-injured warnings of the dangers of the mrna vaccine to the world’s population. In order to help the mrna vaxxed population, we must stop the censorship to free speech.

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Vitamins for Detoxing: glutathione vitamin, suramin (pine need tree extract), pine tree needle tea

You can double check the VAERS ID# w/the actual VAERS database.

Want more cheap treatment options aside from dangerous jab?

Hospitals paid to count deaths as covid. 6%of all deaths from reports are actually covid?—Ivermectin-is-100–cure-for-COVID-19-12.13.20:0—No-Treatments—Dr-Yeadon-Covid-lzi:5

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