In 2012, Beverly’s mother passed away and she began seeking a way to communicate with her. Through her efforts to communicate, a whole new world opened up to her. She learned she could see, hear, and feel spirit communications. She learned she was an intuitive empath and star seed with a mission to be an energy healer and spiritual leader. She began reading hundreds of books on quantum physics and energy healing. For two years she listened to spiritual
channellings on YouTube almost 40 hours a week at my day job, a group of Arcturians began teaching her a new healing modality called the Energy Transfer Reset. They told her it is the most powerful form of human healing on Earth and was given to us for ascension to the 5th dimension, She is part of the #143 over soul group, She is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, channelling medium and law of attraction coach. She holds a master’s degree in psychology.
thoughts on the “event”, New Earth and the energies currently effecting the planet and effecting people, 5D thinking, New Earth, Negative Energies.