GROUNDBREAKING ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY Found? Accurate Alignment of Angkor Wat Temple – Praveen Mohan

Hey guys, today I am gonna show you the extraordinary alignment of Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia. This is the largest Hindu Temple in the world, and as I reached the very center of the temple, I found a square carved on the floor. And there is something very strange about this square. What is this and why is it carved on the floor of the main tower of Angkor Wat? When I put my phone in the middle, and opened my compass, suddenly I realized its meaning. It is perfectly aligned to the 4 directions, it is so precise, Look.. my phone is placed exactly aligned with the lines carved on the floor, the compass shows the exact 90 degree alignment, with not even a fraction of a difference in angles. Narration: See this is perfectly facing south. See this line, it is perfectly facing north. This is the north entrance. This line is perfectly facing south, That is the south entrance. That is the main east entrance. It is perfect, and that is the west entrance.” 4 entrances, precisely matching the 4 points of the direction. If you stand on this square and look around you, you feel weird because you realize that everything around you is perfectly built with alignment to the cardinal direction points, with no human errors at all. This ancient Hindu Temple is said to be built at least 900 years ago. So, how did the ancient builders achieve this level of accuracy? And look at the top. On the ceiling, there are 4 lines coming at 90 degree angles, each line coming from the exact Direction point and meeting at the center. If you observe carefully, you will also see more direction lines than just East, West, North and South. Yes, you can also see Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest as well. All the 8 lines meet precisely on the ceiling exactly on top of the square on the floor. This kind of system is just insane. As above so below, right? But this is mind boggling, you know why? This temple could be many thousands of years old, but even by mainstream archeological accounts, It was built around 1120 A.D, that is 900 years ago. Just to give you some perspective, There were no compasses in Europe at that time at all. The very first compass, which was capable of showing just 4 directions appeared in Europe, only a hundred years after this temple was built, around 1200 A.D. And this temple, which is supposed to be built with primitive tools, has a perfect alignment without even a fraction of an error margin, this is like modern day GPS precision level. To argue that the ancient builders looked at the stars, the sun and the moon and created this kind of an alignment is not a valid argument at all. You cannot even achieve this level of precision with a primitive natural compass made of lodestone, you need advanced technology. Is it possible that Angkor Wat was built with advanced ancient technology? Now, let us take a step back and think for a minute, is it really that hard to build with this level of accuracy? After all this is the main structure, this is at the very center of Angkor Wat temple complex, this is the ultimate stop which houses the main chamber. The ancient engineers would have paid all the attention to the angles and directions of this structure, because this is literally the center of attraction, right? This compass only proves that this main structure is aligned perfectly, it does not mean that everything in this entire temple complex is aligned perfectly. In order to find out if the entire temple complex is aligned perfectly, I needed to examine more structures in the complex. So I started to climb down from the main tower, because now I was in the center of the temple complex, but I wanted to go to edge of the complex and find a structure which is at the borders, at the periphery of the complex. And this is a very very big temple , it is about 400 acres, that is huge. So I walked out from this central area, got out of the sacred temples area and You see this small structure, far away from the temple towers, this is where I was walking now. GH010746 From the ground view, you can see how far I have come, I was inside the main tower there, that’s where we found that magic square with perfect alignment.

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