Groom Lake, Area 51, Clones, Underground High Speed Trains, Uninterruptible Autopilot + 737 Max 8, MH370/MH17 – Miles Johnston w/ John Lear

By personal invitation, I dropped by to see John Lear in his Lair, while on the way back from UfoMegaCon 2019 in Laughlin, where John appeared with Kerry Cassidy. He asked me to drop in, which I did, and this is what he said… Part of the ‘Bases in America’ series

Much of this is shocking oh my, would John care… boo hoo

Please refer to Nexus Magazine, and for details on the appaling failure of the Saturn V, AND in balance see The Moore Show, which is castigating Cpt Mark Richards and attacking Camelot and myself….boohoo again

How to Steal an Airplane From 9/11 to MH370

Project Camelot: Milab Abductee – Kerry Cassidy w/ Niara Isley – Mar 2011