Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 25, 2019

Dane Wigington

In every corner of the globe formerly unimaginable changes are unfolding and accelerating. How much longer can the facade of perpetual economic expansion be maintained? The desperation of those in power is also increasing in lockstep with these changes. Any who dare to tell the truth are vilified and, as recent cases prove, even incarcerated. While much of the US is being kept cool by the climate engineers, countless locations around the world continue to incinerate, many forests are burning to the ground. Crops are collapsing and chemicals like glyphosate are showing up in everything. Is it all just an accident? Environmental collapse and conflict go hand in hand. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Yesterday, May 24th, 2019, my hometown of Redding, California, was hit with a severe thunderstorm (including a tornado warning) that produced extremely anomalous golf ball to egg sized hailstones. This size hail is not normal for this region. From the mountain on which my family and I live, I was able to witness a completely unnatural aerosol cloud canopy drifting out from the top of the storm cell. The climate engineers leave nothing untainted. The increasingly large, damaging, and sometimes even deadly hailstones, are a direct result of climate engineering and chemical ice nucleation processes.

As the walls close in, it is imperative that we do not let battle fatigue overwhelm us. Ground is finally being gained in the all important fight to wake populations and turn the tide, we must keep our collective stride in this all important effort. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

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