Gender Bending Mind Control From Music & Beyond – Sean Stone w/ Ray Songtree

The deaths of Prince and David Bowie inspire observations on the global mind control agenda played out through the music industry and media, with ‘Lipstick and War Crimes’ author Ray Songtree. The money trail that winds through Israel and Switzerland, and leads to the most powerful family in the world, plus the merits of natural living as opposed to the question of accepting technology is explored on this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, with host Sean Stone.

00:01 Welcoming Ray Songtree to Buzzsaw.
00:39 Prince, David Bowie, and the music illuminati.
04:26 Gender bending and culture of indistinction.
09:29 The cultural march to war (for peace).
13:00 Nature vs. programing–indoctrination into the music industry.
16:40 Shared humanity and the new world order confront depletion.
24:50 Population control and the breaking down of supply lines.
31:30 The new world order and environmental lies.
35:40 Following the money to the real seat of power: The Rothschild family.
41:23 Exploring Israeli influence on the rest of the world.
46:55 The larger spiritual awakening and murder of Steve Jobs and Hugo Chavez.
51:33 Thanks and goodbye.