Galati charges forward in the lawsuit against the Bank of Canada


 Rocco Galati is still engaged in a lengthy court battle against the Bank of Canada, for which he has been representing the interests of COMER; Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform. For those who haven’t heard, it’s been many years now that Galati has been engaged in this lawsuit against the bank. COMER is intending to have the bank restored to its originally intended purpose, and to have it issue interest-free loans for the purposes of funding various Canadian projects.



This case is groundbreaking because it seeks to turnaround the current affair of having Canadians suffer for the benefit of international private banks. Currently, Canada borrows money from foreign private banks at compounded interest, and because of this the Canadian citizenry has gotten caught into a self-destructive, debt-cycle. Surprisingly, Galati has had a fair amount of success with the case in seeing it through up until this point, despite efforts to have it thrown-out.


Earlier this month Galati gave an update on the current situation. The government has once again moved to strike the amended statement of claim, and the they appear to be stalling in trying to prevent the case from going forward. Galati remains confident in his ability to fight this case and to search for justice in this matter. However, he did admit that perhaps there was an incentive for the state to continue lagging on the matter.
“The Crown does that..” says Galati, “they drag and drag until people lose energy or they outlive the plaintiffs, and.. the Crown never dies right? So, they are doing this because they know if they can wear the litigants down, they might walk away. But the plaintiffs here are not walking away.” The legal battle continues and Galati expects that it should take just a few months in order for him to get a ruling on the matter.
If they are successful in moving forward with the case again, Galati expects that it could be several more years yet for the matter to go to trial, and for the results to be implemented within the nation. When asked why Canadians should care about the particular legal matter before the courts, Galati responded by saying, “because they’re paying 30 or 40 million dollars a year in useless interest… since 74′ [they’ve paid billions] to fraudsters, that’s why they should care.

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