Future Human Timelines – Ethann Fox w/ Wieteke Koolhof

In this episode of AAE tv, Ethann is joined by intuitive channel Wieteke Koolhof. Wieteke and Ethann discuss her life journey to becoming an intuitive channel. Wieteke shares how she was able to rewrite the timeline of a difficult childhood, to something more positive, and how that impacted her present life. She also discusses her Extraterrestrial contact experiences, and her opinion of these experiences, in particular her interaction with the Greys. Ethann discusses with Arjun, Wieteke’s Pleiadian guide who functions as a gateway to information, what it is that is separating our present human race from communicating using telepathy, as well as whether language is a barrier to telepathy. Arjun also shares the situation in the world in our present, and offers guidance we can use on our evolutionary journey.

About Wieteke Koolhof
Wieteke started having contact with other dimensional beings at an early age (3). An amazing life-journey finally brought her into conscious contact with multidimensional personal guides from the Pleiades and other Interstellar constellations and since then they’ve been working together. Trough Wieteke, her Pleiadian guide functions as a gateway to information from the Universe, parallel lives, the Higher Selves of clients and information coming from the ET-medical team assisting (when requested) in private sessions.
Wieteke works from Amsterdam as a life-coach/artist and energy-worker from a practice called Design4awareness.

Her relationship to art and images is as close as you can possibly imagine. She would tell you, she basically ‘thinks and breathes’ in images, colors and sounds. She loves singing, painting, drawing, sketching and working with the ET-beings that she considers as family. Since her path started so young, and since back then she was insecure to share that information with anyone, one of her main reasons to go into the direction of the arts was because she felt images were the most natural (and non-resistant) way of sharing what she had learned from the ET’s. This felt natural also because Interstellar ‘downloads’ come to her as full concepts, mainly consisting out of images to begin with. She knew at age 6 she wanted to be an artist and kept to the path of her heart, finishing Art Academy at the age of 25 as a book-illustrator. Why as an illustrator? “Because images are stories and stories contain images when we grasp them in our minds – I always felt these two go hand in hand. And I just love translating. As an illustrator I got to translate the images that were already between the words (for me), and ‘lift them to the surface’ for other people to see”.

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About Awake And Empowered TV
Join spiritual teacher and host, Ethann Fox every Saturday at 12 p.m. GMT, 7 p.m. EST to create a new view of your world. Explore all of the positive aspects of the evolutionary changes on our planet that are emerging right now, just beneath the surface of mainstream reality. Each week, Ethann brings you the pioneers of our time from around the globe who are on the forefront of the expansion of human consciousness in the areas of technology, health, spirituality and science.

About Ethann Fox
Ethann Fox is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, the founder of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution and the visionary behind the Awake and Empowered Expo. His background in the business and financial markets as a professional trader and business owner is coupled by over 20 years as an accomplished astrologer and numerologist. Walking both the spiritual and business worlds, Ethann’s experience has given him an unconventional view and approach to personal happiness and professional success, melding the two as one.

Ethann’s natural curiosity and logical, left-brained mind-set has gained him a reputation as a genuine yet persistent and respected interviewer. He has a distinct talent for blending the spiritual and physical worlds in a way that gives audiences around the world a better understanding of how to adapt new world tools into their modern reality.

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