From Journalism to Paranormal Research, Simulated Universe, Cattle Mutilations, UFOs, ET’s – Linda Moulton Howe w/ Grant Cameron

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Watch this exclusive two hour long interview between Linda Moulton Howe and Grant Cameron of the Winnipeg UFO Research and Experiencers Group. In this Zoom interview, Linda and Grant discuss a broad range of topics including Linda’s transfer of interest from pure journalism to paranormal research and the North Korean situation, or who is really operating in the background.

Although the entire interview is worth listening to, these timestamps are provided for easy navigation. Each timestamp is another question or area in the interview, exempting the very first question at the beginning. Different areas may be referenced and discussed in the answering of a question, so this guide is not definitive.

3:24 – Linda Moulton Howe’s background and career
35:41 – Linda Moulton Howe’s efforts to expose her content and discoveries
1:05:56 – How does the government interfere?
– Simulated Universe theory
– Tell us something you haven’t disclosed before
1:25:37 – Have celebrities reached out to you?
– Robert Emenegger and Linda Moulton Howe
– Fact and fiction regarding extraterrestrial life
– How will humanity evolve into something more advanced?
– Contemplation on the soul
1:57:45 – Communication with an extraterrestrial
1:58:44 – What is the most important thing you’re working on right now?
2:03:04 – A portrait of Linda Moulton Howe
2:05:36 – Strange viewings in New York
2:12:10 – Cattle Mutilations
– Do you have a show on Gaia?
– The Cargo Cult
2:31:17 – The North Korean situation

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