From Atlantis to Aztlan | Ancient Gods Guiding Humanity – Universe Inside You

Could the legendary Aztlan be a missing link that connects the Annunaki with the post-deluge Atlantean migration and ancient American civilizations? Explore the origin and demise of the Aztecs that indicate greater forces battling behind the scenes, influencing human culture and beliefs. The similarity found within the accounts of the ancient gods of the Aztec, Sumerian and Christian beliefs may suggest that these cultures were influenced by the same beings in the ancient world. As our panel of experts dig into the commonalities of these legends, we begin to see a clearer picture of the origins of the Aztec people and their belief of extraterrestrial beings as their gods, which may have enabled their eventual demise.

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Featuring: Andrew Collins, Freddy Silva, Jack Cary, Linda Moulton Howe, Anton Parks, Graham Hancock,

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