Freemasons, Jordan Maxwell, AI, Transhumanism, Religion, Social Credit System, Synthetic/Cloning, 5G – OYM w/ Jeffrey Matte

Researching HIDDEN TRENDS & PATTERN RECOGNITION for 17 years!!!, Why is religion everywhere and so intense, but almost no one cannot provide logical explanations and or proof of where it came from any why it’s the way it is??? Who owns this world and who do they answer to? Why is the world a BUSINESS? Why is it so hard to succeed in this world? How come some people know what’s coming and almost everyone else has no idea? Jordan Maxwell, Social Credit System, China, Agenda 21, Full Moon, Agenda 2030, Advertising, 5D Thinking, Energies Hitting The Planet, Pope Visit to Ireland.


Fortune + Time Global Forum—Working Group Solutions

Jeffrey Matte

Movies/TV meant to condition us. Put into our subconscious, etc

Starship Troopers
The Congress
The Circle
Code 46
Logan’s Run
Black Mirror

The Elites Use War To Make Blood Sacrifice To Extra Terrestrial Gods – Richie Allen w/ Jordan Maxwell