Fractals, Holographic Universe, Quantum Entanglement, Prayer, Law of Attraction – Alexis Brooks w/ Billy Carson

Billy Carson joins Higher Journeys once again to discuss how observation about the fractals embedded within our universe and our selves led him to discover the connected nature of all things.

With this understanding, he shares how all of us can use this knowledge to shift our reality in profound ways!

Why is it that billions of people pray everyday but don’t get the results (or answers) they desire?

How is it that the ancients knew secrets about the universe but humans today are walking around with no knowledge or understanding about the most fundamental of truths?

Could it be that we’re actually living in some form of simulated model of reality?

Where does the holographic universe fit into this idea?

These are among the questions Billy answered and with great clarity!

What he had to say will blow you away…guaranteed!

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