Flat Earth : This Physics Professor Used Simple Math To Destroy Flat Earther With One Reply

Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

Have you ever had an argument with a flat earther? Do you struggle to get through to them? Do they always want to prove to you that the earth is flat? Well, Dr. Petro Teles Ph.D. had just this type of argument with a user on Quora who asked “ Let’s say I don’t believe the world is round. How can one prove the world is round to me?”

Below we have six images from this very enlightening quora exchange between the two.

1. The world is not round?

2. Foucault’s Pendulum


3. Skeptical


4. North Pole


5. Foucault’s Experiment


6. What happens in the South Pole?

If you ever find yourself in a quarrel with a flat earther ever again just show them this reply and it would surely blow the lid off their dome.


Source: https://truththeory.com

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