Flat Earth Psychological Operations


What I see with this flavor of psychological operation is a dividing of the conspiracy demographic and effectively discrediting the flat earth segment of that demographic. The CIA has a major agenda to misrepresent and/or discredit conspiracy aware persons, as is seen with their NLP tactic of molding the societal view and weaponizing the term “conspiracy theorist” after the JFK assassination.

In an attempt to help people avoid controlled opposition who may believe in flat earth, here are some points for a spherical earth and/or why Flat Earth is a Psy Op:

The Flat Earth Psy Op:

• Day and Night Happen Simultaneously in Different Time Zones
• Flat Earth Sun Models are Completely Contrived
• Do Flat Earth Lunar and Solar Eclipse Models make any sense at all?
• Eratosthenes’ Calculation of Earth’s Circumference would not work in a Flat Earth Model[1]
• All Planets in our Solar System / the Sun are Spherical
• The Cosmos is Full of Spherical Objects
• A Spherical Atmosphere Has Been Proven to Me, as I have witnessed a large asteroid fly in and out of the atmosphere
• Balloons can take a video camera up into the Earths Upper Atmosphere
• Fish Eye is not a Legible Explanation for the Full Curve Witnessed
• I have Caught Flat Earth Videos with Proven Lies with Simple Fact Checking
• Proven Liar: Math Boylan saying a Moon of Mars is “Opipapa” in his flat earth presentation
• Motive: Flat Earth is Worse for Credibility than nearly any other Belief
• Motive: CIA & Co-Conspirators have an Agenda to Discredit Conspiracy Truths and Conspiracy Aware People – What does Flat Earth do? Flat Earthers are completely discredited to the point of being effective eugenics hits, and conspiracy aware people are discredited by association
• Motive: Predictive Programming related to this new surge of flat earth material must include a demographic of people that now negatively associate irrational beliefs to general conspiracy aware people (i.e. Several Motives have been established)
• Motive: Who does this surge in flat earth material tangibly benefit? It discredits conspiracy truths, so obviously it benefits those involved in a global conspiracy
• Method: Electromagnetic Mind Control Augments Psychological Operations
• Method: Electronic Control Grid can make a Concept Viral (and I believe did with flat earth)

[1]: http://www.windows2universe.org/

Source: http://www.omnisense.org


Eratosthenes’ Calculation of Earth’s Circumference

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In 240 B.C., the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes made the first good measurement of the size of Earth. By noting the angles of shadows in two cities on the Summer Solstice, and by performing the right calculations using his knowledge of geometry and the distance between the cities, Eratosthenes was able to make a remarkably accurate calculation of the circumference of Earth. Let’s take a closer look at how he did it!

Eratosthenes lived in the city of Alexandria, near the mouth of the Nile River by the Mediterranean coast, in northern Egypt. He knew that on a certain day each year, the Summer Solstice, in the town of Syene in southern Egypt, there was no shadow at the bottom of a well. He realized that this meant the Sun was directly overhead in Syene at noon on that day each year.

Eratosthenes knew that the Sun was never directly overhead, even on the Summer Solstice, in his home city of Alexandria, which is further north than Syene. He realized that he could determine how far away from directly overhead the Sun was in Alexandria by measuring the angle formed by a shadow from a vertical object. He measured the length of the shadow of a tall tower in Alexandria, and used simple geometry to calculate the angle between the shadow and the vertical tower. This angle turned out to be about 7.2 degrees.

Next, Eratosthenes used a bit more geometry to reason that the shadow’s angle would be the same as the angle between Alexandria and Syene as measured from the Earth’s center. Conveniently, 7.2 degrees is 1/50th of a full circle ( 50 x 7.2° = 360° ). Eratosthenes understood that if he could determine the distance between Alexandria and Syene, he would merely have to multiply that distance by 50 to find the circumference of Earth!

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. Eratosthenes had the distance between the two cities measured. His records show that the distance was found to be 5,000 stadia. The stadion (plural = stadia) was a common distance unit of the time. Unfortunately, there was not a universal, standard length for the stadion; so we don’t know exactly which version of the stadion Eratosthenes used, and therefore are not exactly sure how accurate his solution was. He may have been correct to within less than 1%, a remarkable accomplishment! Or, if it was actually a different stadion that he used, he may have been off by about 16%. That is still pretty good! The actual polar circumference of Earth is just a bit over 40 thousand km (about 24,860 miles).

Eratosthenes was a talented mathematician and geographer as well as an astronomer. He made several other important contributions to science. Eratosthenes devised a system of latitude and longitude, and a calendar that included leap years. He invented the armillary sphere, a mechanical device used by early astronomers to demonstrate and predict the apparent motions of the stars in the sky. He also compiled a star catalog that included 675 stars. His measurement of the circumference of Earth was highly respected in his day, and set the standard for many years thereafter. He may have also measured the distances from Earth to both the Moon and to the Sun, but the historical accounts of both deeds are, unfortunately, rather cryptic.

We aren’t quite sure what answer Eratosthenes came up with, though. The distance between Alexandria and Syene was measured in stadia. The stadion was a distance unit that was often used in ancient times. However, not everybody used a stadion of the same length. If Eratosthenes used one length for the stadion, his answer was really, really good. The Earth is about 40 thousand kilometers (about 24,860 miles) around. The measurement that Eratosthenes made might have been within about 1% of this. That would be amazing! However, he might have used a different length stadion. If that is true, his answer was off by about 16%. That is still pretty good!

Eratosthenes may have also done some measurements of the distance from Earth to the Moon and from Earth to the Sun. Unfortunately, the records of that are not very clear. So we aren’t quite sure whether he ever did make those measurements, or what his answers really were if he did.


Source: http://www.windows2universe.org