First Contact And The Collapse Of The World Religions, Bible Lies & Manipulation (Chapter 1) – Naughty Beaver

Simply mind blowing 2 part series! In part 1, apparently they have just announced that Noah’s Ark has been found again??? The world thought Ron Wyatt had found it along with the Ark of the Covenant, the 2 tablets of the Ten Commandments, the Crucifixion site of Jesus among various other biblical locations and relics. Wait until you hear what’s really happening. Pleiadian messages and the Law Of One debunk it. It’s going to turn this planet upside down. Alien Artificial Intelligence is going to enslave planet earth. The Mark of the beast, first contact, Jesus had a child and a ruling blood line. DNA, cloning, Cabal Illuminati and piles of Nostradamus prophecy coming out. I hope you enjoy this series. Love you lots Naughty Beaver
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