This is Tyler Glockner’s first ever interview, anywhere. In this very open conversation we cover every side of his story… his family, how he started Secureteam and even what microphone he uses… 2.5 straight hours of what is behind the success of Mr. Glockner.

Tyler Glockner is only 32 years old, and in just seven years has built Secureteam into one of the most popular YouTube channels with nearly 2 million subscribers. His channel was built for those who seek the latest alien and UFO related videos, leaks and information.

From it’s humble beginnings as a mere idea in 2011, to the establishment of the channel you see today – Secureteam has become the information source to which millions of answer-seeking individuals have come. Through thousands of videos posted, nearly 2 million subscribers and almost a billion total video views, Secureteam has broken the boundaries of traditional reporting and taken UFO research into the internet age.

Air date: December 12, 2018